Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Communication and Literacy Services for Children

We are a group of highly trained speech language pathologists and occupational therapists who all share a common passion in working with children. Our treatment approach is fun, collaborative, and family-centered. We strive to ensure that skills learned in the clinic setting are generalized to home,  community, and school environments. We offer comprehensive assessment and treatment for a variety of concerns that may be impacting your child’s ability to perform at their optimum.  Is your child ready for success?

We have Saturday openings for both speech and occupational therapy!

We are an in-network Kaiser provider.

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Speech, Occupational, Reading & Academic Services for Children

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Speech Therapy

Are you worried that your child isn’t talking as much or as clearly as other children their age? Does your child seem frustrated or embarrassed about their speech? Does your child have a hard time understanding new concepts or following directions? Do they have a hard time getting to the point when talking?  We can help!

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Is your child struggling with behavior, motor development, coping skills, or sensory sensitivities? Are you avoiding activities or places because you worry about how your child will respond? Does your child have difficulty with planning and organization? Homework meltdowns? Would you like your child to become more independent with personal care?  We can help!

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Reading & Academic Services

Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability caused by a neurobiological brain wiring difference which affects approximately 20% of the population. Does your child struggle with reading fluency and/or spelling? Does your child have difficulty remembering how to read and spell words they have seen many times? Is your child progressing slower than expected?

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Social Skills Groups

Does your child feel left out at school?  Do they have difficulty making friends?  Do they have a hard time understanding social cues and social dynamics? Do they have a hard time understanding jokes or humor? Are you tired of reminding your child to listen, look, and/or respond?  We can help!

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For Medical Professionals

Sometimes it can be hard to know when and who to refer to. We’re here to help answer any questions you may have and we’re ready to assist your patients to the best of our ability.

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For Schools and Educators

Do you have students that don’t qualify for services at school but would benefit from extra help? Do you have low performing students that are falling through the cracks? Let us help you!

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