Feeding Disorders

Evaluation of Feeding Disorders

A feeding evaluation with one of our experienced therapists will help distinguish between typical picky eating habits and more critical disruptions to developmental feeding patterns that impede children’s growth & development. Common symptoms of feeding disorders include:

  • Extended meal times due to feeding difficulties or picky eating
  • Restricted diet due to extreme taste & texture preferences or intolerance
  • Retching, vomiting and/or reflux around meals
  • Frequent upper airway illness or congestion
  • Weight loss or poor/stalled weight gain

Treatment of Feeding Disorders

Feeding therapy addresses disruptions to a child’s ability to safely and efficiently chew and swallow food in order to maintain a healthy diet. Our therapists are trained in a variety of evidence-based methods and approaches and work closely with children and families to find the “best fit” for intervention. Our training backgrounds include the SOS Approach to Feeding, the Beckman Oral Motor Protocol, Talk Tools Feeding Therapy, and food chaining.