We are in-network with the following insurances:

  • Kaiser: Please call Kaiser to authorize the referral

  • Medicaid: Please have your primary care fax a referral to us at (303) 360-0758

  • CHP+ through Colorado Access: Please have your primary care fax a referral to us at (303) 360-0758

  • Early Intervention  Services through Rocky Mountain Health and Human Services


Out-of Network Billing:

*We are happy to offer out-of-network billing when there is documentation of significant medical necessity that aligns with your plan benefits  i.e. a supporting medical diagnosis.  Pre-authorization or pre-certification for services may be required. Please keep in mind that deductibles and co-pays may exceed our self-pay at the time of services rates and submitting claims on your own at the self-pay rates may be more cost effective. Please contact us to learn more about out-of-network insurance billing to determine if this is a good fit for you.  We are happy to assist with contacting your insurance carrier to obtain the necessary information to help make this decision.
*Flex Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts can be used to cover services.

Tip: Many major insurance carriers only cover therapy services that are due to accident, illness, injury or autism.  Please be sure to ask your insurance company if “Habilitative Services” are covered under your plan or if there are any plan exclusions. Many insurance companies will not cover therapy services without a major medical diagnosis.