Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services in Denver

Occupational therapists focus on increasing individual skills or sets of skills that are necessary to engage in meaningful activities (or “occupations” as we call them).



Occupational therapy can be hard work, but is meant to be rewarding and fun as well.  A child’s individual interests are always included in treatment planning and home programs.  Examples of activities that may be used include art, music, play, yoga, sports etc.

All of our occupational therapists have Master’s degrees and specialize in the pediatric population. They are skilled in providing comprehensive assessment and treatment of gross and fine motor delays, motor planning deficits, coordination difficulties, self-regulation/coping skills, sensory processing difficulties, attention/behavior concerns, self-care deficits, visual processing deficits, and handwriting difficulties.

General indicators that a child may benefit from occupational therapy services:

  • Attention and organizational problems with school tasks
  • Difficulties with social interaction
  • Frequent emotional outbursts or “meltdowns”
  • Lack of age appropriate play skills
  • Weak, stiff or uncoordinated movements
  • Awkward grasp or clumsy use of crayons, pencils, scissors, or other utensils
  • Excessive seeking or avoidance of movement or touch
  • Difficulty with age appropriate self-help skills such as dressing and toileting
  • Poor balance
  • Difficulty tolerating touch
  • Difficulty with sports such as kicking, catching, or throwing a ball
  • Difficulty regulating activity level