Occupational therapists focus on developing the skills necessary to successfully participate in activities of daily living across the life span.  For children, activities of daily living include, but are not limited to self-care (dressing, eating, washing),  playing with friends, succeeding in academics, participating in different sports, and learning how to manage behaviors and emotions.

Our occupational therapists are skilled in the assessment and treatment of underlying weaknesses that may be inhibiting your child’s performance or participation. Common areas of weakness in children include gross and fine motor delays, motor planning deficits, balance or coordination difficulties, sensory processing difficulties, and visual motor deficits.

General indicators that a child may benefit from occupational therapy services:

  • Attention and organizational problems that interfere with social interactions and learning
  • Frequent emotional outbursts or “meltdowns”
  • Difficulty coping with unexpected change
  • Sensitivity to sounds, smells, touch, taste, or movement
  • Difficulty regulating activity level
  • Difficulty keeping up with peers on the playground
  • General lack of coordination or poor endurance
  • Underdeveloped social skills
  • Frequent behavior problems
  • Awkward grasp on crayons, pencils, scissors, or other utensils
  • Difficulty with buttons and zippers
  • Handwriting difficulty
  • Poor sequencing skills
  • Difficulty planning and organizing to complete age appropriate activities
  • Inability to develop independence with daily routines


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