Research indicates that positive socioemotional development in early school years is directly linked to successful educational outcomes.

Social skills are the foundation for a child’s development and learning. With improved social skills, a child can achieve greater success at school, interact with others more positively, increase his or her independence, and establish and maintain quality friendships.

“The importance of being socially skilled cannot be over- estimated. We all need these skills to communicate effectively, in order to listen to others, to express ourselves, to be taken seriously, to learn, and to make friends.”

-Alex Kelly (Author of Talkabout series for children)

Although social skills can be taught in 1:1 sessions with a therapist, practicing in context with peers helps to generalize these skills beyond the therapy room. The foundations of social skills include developing one’s self-awareness and self-esteem, and developing an understanding of nonverbal cues such as body language and facial expressions. More complex skills include conversational skills, friendship skills and assertiveness.

Social Skills Group Leader: Tricia Maher, certified speech language pathologist, has extensive training and experience in working with children of all ages on social skill development.

Her groups are designed to:

  • develop improved self-awareness and self-esteem

  • identify and better understand nonverbal language

  • build an understanding of social rules and social expectations

  • problem-solve, negotiate, and work together with peers as a ‘team’

  • grow in confidence with his or her social interactions

Tricia will be offering several ongoing small groups and will pair children according to age, ability, and scheduling preferences.  She will also be offering the 12 week Secret Agent Society Social Skills Curriculum for student’s ages 8 to 12 years – please call us about registering your child!

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