What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is the use of videoconferencing technology to deliver speech therapy and reading intervention services to clients who are in a different physical location than their therapist. Therapy materials are sent in advance of the scheduled therapy sessions. Teletherapy is ideally suited to children aged 5 years and older. Older children may be able to work independently while younger children may need the support of a parent or caregiver to participate in sessions.

  • Teletherapy is a great option for families who do not have access to speech therapy or Orton Gillingham-based reading intervention services in their surrounding community.
  • Teletherapy is often used in conjunction with direct services to provide services with increased intensity to maximize progress and meet therapy goals more quickly.
  • Teletherapy can be a great way to maintain consistency of services while traveling or on vacation to avoid regression in skills.
  • Teletherapy is a great option for busy families who have difficulty maintaining consistent weekly appointment times due to busy schedules.
  • Teletherapy can be a great option for clients and families who prefer to work in the comfort of their own home and reduce commute times to the clinic setting.

Getting started:

  • If you are a current client, ask your therapist if teletherapy could be a good option for you and your child to consider.
  • If you are a new client, please give us a call so we can learn more about your needs. In some instances, an in-person evaluation and/or initial therapy session will be beneficial in getting your teletherapy services established.