What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is the use of videoconferencing technology to deliver therapy services to your child in the safety of their home environment while maintaining social distancing precautions. Most of the services we offer can be delivered via teletherapy, including screening and assessment services.

  • Teletherapy can be a great way for your child to receive needed speech, occupational, or academic (reading, spelling,  handwriting) services during this time of social  distancing. 
  • Teletherapy can assist parents with tools and strategies to help get their child ready for the next academic year.
  • Teletherapy is designed to be fun and interactive and can be a great way for your therapist to work with your child on skills in their natural home environment that they may not ordinarily be able to work on as effectively in the clinic setting.
  • Teletherapy is evidence-based and has been used for years by multiple healthcare disciplines to deliver needed services to clients in remote locations.
  • Teletherapy is approved by most health insurance plans. Please contact your insurance company to ask if teletherapy is included in your plan as individual plans may differ under the same carrier.

Getting started:

  • If you are a current client, ask your therapist if teletherapy could be a good option for you and your child to consider.  We are happy to offer a complimentary teletherapy session so you can see first-hand if this mode of service delivery works for you and your child.
  • If you are a new client, please contact us so we can learn more about your child’s needs and discuss teletherapy assessment and therapy options.
  • We will be launching on-line web booking soon to offer more flexibility with scheduling around work schedules and distance learning schedules.
  • Our therapists are happy to integrate therapy goals into your child’s distance learning to allow for more support in areas of challenge (reading, writing, language, comprehension, self-regulation, executive functioning etc.)

If you plan to book a teletherapy appointment, please fill out our Teletherapy Consent Form.

Ready to schedule your teletherapy appointment?