• School-based therapists are typically only able to access deficits that interfere with your child’s ability to access “free and public education”. School-based occupational therapists will work with your child so they can access their school curriculum however they are limited in their ability to address other concerns that may be affecting your child in other environments. School-based occupational therapists often provide consultative services as opposed to direct, individual therapeutic intervention.

  • The length of therapy varies significantly depending on your child’s needs, your ability to complete home programming, attendance, and motivation. We understand that our services are a huge investment in your time and finances. We are happy to work with you to develop a successful therapy program for your child with careful consideration of financial and time limitations.

  • There have been a lot of changes in the insurance industry over the past several years and most insurance companies have placed visit limits and added exclusions to their plans. We will provide a detailed receipt if you would like to submit to your insurance company on your own. We no longer offer direct billing to any insurance  companies except Kaiser. Many families opt to take a payment discount at the time of services due to high deductibles and copays even when services are covered under their plan. We recommend that you contact your insurance company in advance to determine coverage limitations, exclusions, and requirements for preauthorization prior to selecting a service provider.

  • Yes. We have speech language pathologists and occupational therapists on staff who specialize in sensory-based feeding difficulties using the SOS approach. At present, our clinic is not set up for comprehensive feeding evaluations and treatment for children with more severe needs. We are happy to provide referrals to other providers upon request.

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